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What Are The Expected Effects?

  • These gummies can offer a wide variety of different effects depending on the terpene profile they contain. The indica Cherry Kush, for instance, is very relaxing, but Super Lemon overcomes CBD’s relaxing properties somewhat to be quite energizing.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Consume?

  • Put all together, this line of gummies comprises an all-encompassing stash you can use to enjoy the benefits of live resin CBD edibles any time of day.

What Are Two Similar Products That You Would Recommend?

  • Make sure to try all the flavors of our Dr. Endo Live Resin CBD Gummies. Even if you only like sativas, you still have three flavor options to choose from.

What are live resin CBD gummies?

  • Live resin CBD gummies are just like the CBD gummies you already know and love, but they’re flavored with live resin cannabis terpenes. These natural therapeutic substances won’t get you high, but they do capture the essence of particular strains while also boosting the benefits of cannabinoids. Scientists have observed a form of synergy that appears to occur when cannabinoids and terpenes are used together, and live resin terpenes have been spared the oxidation that inevitably occurs during conventional extraction and production processes.

Does CBD live resin get you high?

  • No, CBD will never get you high, even when it is prepared in live resin form. CBD is simply a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, so unless it is paired with a cannabinoid from the THC family, CBD will never cause intoxicating effects. Live resin might, however, accentuate the benefits of CBD or deliver benefits unique to particular terpenes.

Is CBD live resin better?

  • Yes, CBD products that include live resin are usually superior to those that do not. Live resin is incredibly beneficial, after all, and it tastes excellent. There’s no guarantee that a product is high-quality just because it’s advertised as containing live resin, though — make sure to do plenty of research to objectively determine if a CBD live resin product is worth trying.

How long does CBD live resin last in your system?

  • As with any other type of CBD you ingest, CBD live resin remains in your system for a maximum of 30 days. If you only use a small amount of CBD live resin and you don’t use CBD habitually, your system might be entirely clear of the cannabinoid in seven days or less. In any case, the presence of CBD in your system is not usually a matter of concern since drug tests are not usually calibrated to detect this cannabinoid.

Are CBD live resin gummies worth it?

  • Given the fact that CBD live resin gummies are often not that much more expensive than conventional alternatives, it’s almost always worth it to go the live resin route when you’re searching for a new favorite CBD gummy. Live resin is simply objectively superior to other terpene preparations and flavoring agents, and going with live resin over conventional gummies rarely has any significant drawbacks whatsoever.

Is live resin healthier for you?

  • While it would logically make sense if live resin extracts were healthier for you than other types of terpene preparations, there’s no direct evidence that this is the case. Theoretically, though, the fact that live resin terpenes are flash-frozen at the moment of harvest and never exposed to oxidative stressors could make these antioxidant compounds even more effective in their various healing tasks.

Does live resin make CBD gummies stronger?

  • Yes, it certainly appears that including live resin in CBD gummy formulations makes the resulting gummies stronger than conventional alternatives. Live resin terpenes have retained their full virtue, after all, while other forms of terpenes have been oxidized, leading to reduced flavor and effectiveness. In addition to being more flavorful, live resin CBD gummies should also be stronger — as long as they’re formulated properly.



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