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Cannabis Business Services

Looking to grow your own Cannabis Business? Here at Homegrown we have the knowledge and the experience to help you take your business from just a pipe dream to reality. With over 15+ years of experience in our industry we are confident from both our successes as well as the hard lessons learned along the way will not only save you time and unneeded stress but instead will guide you on the right path to success in the cannabis industry. Whether you are in the Hemp CBD space, THCa, medical or recreational, we have the tools to help your business grow and succeed!

Cannabis Business Services Offered :

Cannabis SEO (search engine optimization) – Haven’t heard of SEO? No worries! At least not just yet, but if you go another year without learning this you will be making a HUGE mistake. SEO is the service that helps get your unique business found online and with the right strategy in which we provide, the first page on google.

High Risk Payment Processing for Cannabis & Other High Risk Products – Payment processing has to be one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to cannabis. Luckily we have sifted through to find the best processors that accept ALL major credit card companies and has one of if not the lowest rates in the cannabis industry. Are you concerned that Square, PayPal, Stripe, or your current processor will shut you down? It’s a valid concern and it’s happened to us more than once. Our payment processing solution will eliminate that concern and set you up for continuous, uninterrupted success online and in store.

Cannabis Friendly Banking – This is a tough egg to crack! Even though Hemp Cannabis is federally legal as per the 2014-2018 farm bills there is still no protection for banking. It is up to the banks discretion to allow your business in or to kick them out. Quit giving banks the run around and be honest with the right banks to ensure your money has a place to go. We currently work with 3 separate banks which allow us to do business, two of which are national banks and one being a local bank here in Pennsylvania. ***Guide to Cannabis Banking FREE With SEO and / or Payment Processing Services ***

Cannabis Insurance Coverage – Whether you are the farmer, distributor, or retail operation we have the right insurance agencies to cover your business needs. It is very important in the Cannabis Industry to have a chain of insurance from seed to sale so that all aspects of the operation are covered in the event of an adverse reaction, loss of product, burglary, misuse of product, or any other unfortunate incident that can occur. Not all insurance companies cover our type of business so it’s best to make sure your insurance company does, or you can come talk to us. *** Guide to Cannabis Insurance Coverage FREE with SEO and / or Payment Processing Services ***

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